Antioch Christian Academy

  Welcome to this portion of the Antioch Web Site, with information about our Christian Academy.  First of all I want to thank GOD for this ministry of our church and what a blessing it has been to all of us.
  God burdened our hearts several years ago to begin a christian school and to give a place for the children of our church and others to receive an education with a godly atmosphere.  We have all grades kindergarten thru twelfth.  We use School of Tomorrow ACE curriculum.
  Our faculty consists of myself, Jason Nunley the administrator, and our supervisors or teachers, Kristi Nunley, Amy Sizemore, and Amy Belisle.  We would desire your prayers that God would grant us wisdom and knowledge to work with our youth and guide then toward the goal called heaven.
  I have to admit, being a part of a christian school is the biggest task that our church has taken on yet, but GOD has stood with us all the way and the blessings are sure worth it.
    Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions about our academy.

                                                                                                            Pastor Nunley


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